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Hyvä Theme For Magento 2



Magento 2 Frontend Rethought And Redone.
Top performance and fast loading times on mobile and desktop
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The standard Magento frontend "Luma" has been much criticized since its release in 2015. Too slow, unnecessarily complex, too much effort even for smallest adjustments and changes to the design template.

It was exactly this criticism and dissatisfaction in the Magento community that was the motivation for the development of Hyvä. The idea behind Hyvä is to build a new frontend or design template for Magento 2 from scratch. A template that throws everything "bad" about Luma overboard and instead is built from scratch and well thought out. Without outdated technologies and without unnecessary complex overhead, but still with all the features and possibilities that make Magento stand out.

A design that with a leaner approach and modern technologies also meets today's expectations and requirements for performance, flexibility and easy customizability and that without bringing new challenges at the same time like it is the case with other frontend approaches (e.g. PWA, Headless...) with much higher implementation efforts and additional complexity.


The Hyvä Theme promises:

Reduced complexity

  • Improved performance
  • Improved developer experience
  • Improved development speed
  • Lower dependencies
  • Lower learning curve

Boom! That's an announcement!
Does Hyvä Theme live up to these promises and is it really that good?

Short and sweet answer: Yes. Hyvä abandons the old and cumbersome frameworks like KnockoutJS, RequireJS and jQuery on which the standard Magento 2 frontend is based.
Instead, Hyvä relies on modern and lean frameworks, AlpineJS and TailwindCSS and takes full advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers with VanillaJS. Retained components of the well-known Magento frontend architecture that have proven themselves: Layout XML, PHTML templates, caching...


The Hyvä Theme:
The best frontend for Magento 2.
Excellent performance without compromise on all devices,
thanks to most modern technology stack!

  • Rocket Fast Page Load TImes
  • Top Core Web Vitals Values LCP / CLS / FID / TBT
  • Modern Technologies: AlpineJS & TailwindCS
  • Reduced Complexity
  • Full Magento Power
  • Strong & Fast Growing Hyvä Community
  • Compatible With Many 3rd Party Modules
  • Faster Time-To-Market
  • JaJuMa Extensions for Hyvä Theme
  • JaJuMa Magento Extensions for Hyvä To make your Hyvä store even better

That's why Hyvä Theme is the best frontend for Magento 2

The streamlining by using the modern frameworks AlpineJS & TailwindCSS is the key to achieving the outstanding performance and the accompanying top user experience that the Hyvä theme offers.

Another effect of this streamlining:
Simplification leads to less complexity, easier implementation of customizations and overall shorter development times.

For you as a merchant, this means:
A first-class frontend with all the comprehensive possibilities Magento offers, while at the same time lower budget requirements and shorter project times.

Too good to be true or not convinced yet?
Read on to learn more about the benefits JaJuMa and Hyvä can offer you...

AMP? PWA? Headless? HYVÄ Is The Future!

In the past, there have always been new ideas and approaches to make Magento better, faster, more modern... with new technologies.
Again and again, these ideas also said: This is the future! So you have to do it now, otherwise, you will be left behind.

Naturally, we have also looked at these earlier approaches and dealt with them. After all, it's fun to deal with new things, learn new things and try them out. Of course, we were also repeatedly approached by customers, whether one would not have to make "PWA" now?.

However, none of these earlier ideas and hypes could convince us. From our point of view, the disadvantages outweighed the advantages, more hype than "gamechanger". Accordingly, we have also always advised our customers against getting involved in AMP or PWA and investing in these hypes. Too bad about the sales for us, but you don't have to go along with every technology hype. More important in the end is the overall result and a satisfied customer.

With Hyvä, it was different from the very first moment, Belly feeling: there's the gamechanger!.
Even when we first read the concept and idea behind Hyvä it was an eye-opening experience. It was exactly the realization of many whining conversations over lunch about Magento 2 "You'd have to..."

So we took a closer look at Hyvä. Despite the positive gut feeling, but also with some skepticism due to the earlier disillusionments regarding other frontend alternatives. First tests, reading in docs etc. about Hyvä, AlpineJS, TailwindCSS..., make the first of our extensions compatible with Hyvä as the first "real-life" tests...

Conclusion: Our gut feeling did not deceive us. The skepticism has evaporated!
Hyvä keeps what it promises and convinces in every aspect. It is the frontend the Magento community has been waiting for.
Hyvä is a gamechanger.
Hyvä is the future!

Hyvä Rocket

We are excited about Hyvä!

Is Hyvä revolutionary?
Maybe not, more appropriate would be: it's a clever rework of the previous Magento frontend architecture.
In which outdated and obsolete components have been replaced with newer and more powerful ones.
It's the powerful frontend Magento deserves.
Is Hyvä a hype?
Granted, the attention and comments Hyvä has been getting since its release are reminiscent of a hype.
But the concept and implementation are too good to just disappear again like some other inflated hype.
We are convinced:
Hyvä is here to stay! Hyvä is the front-end "way to go" for a convincing, contemporary and future-proof e-commerce solution based on Magento which is still the most powerful e-commerce system.

What Do You Think?

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