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The first non-blockchain cryptocurrency. Evolution of Cryptum.

All cryptocurrencies in the world work on blockchain technology. But today our team has stepped into a new evolution.

What is Cryptum (CCM)?

Cryptum is the first cryptocurrency running on the CCNet network. CCNet (Cryptum Cyber Network) is a large network running on a single server. To use Cryptum, other computers must connect to a server with a CCNet network. Transactions in Cryptum are public and stored in the database of the CCNet network. Cryptom has SRDB (Sender Receiver Data Base) protocol for transactions. Transactions work based on this protocol.

Why Cryptum?

The main advantage of Cryptum over other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies is that transactions can be carried out like a simple transfer through the "LiteFast" function. For example, transactions in other cryptocurrencies sometimes have to wait for hours. Cryptum does not have this problem.

Mining in Cryptum

In order to mine cryptum coins in Cryptum, your computer needs to run a digital algorithm. The digital algorithm does not allow your computer to mine 0.5 CCM or more.

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