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Jahir Fiquitiva on October 29, 2018

Downloading Xcode from the App Store, or even the .xip file while using a browser, regardless of which one it is, can be a pain when your connectio... [Read Full]
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My Mac somehow decided to upgrade my Xcode to 11 while I am running OSX 10.14.1. I needed to download Xcode 10, except the developer.apple.com/Developer_Tools is keep dying on me. How does it upgrade from 10 to 11 but I can't download 10 back is beyond me.

Thank you with your suggestion. I am trying. It already failed half way once.


hello, very helpful post. may i ask, what if my mac shuts down how do i resume the download? thx


iirc running the same command again, from the same location, should continue the download


Amazing! thanks for sharing @Jahir


Thanks Jahir! Quite helpful. Fell into the same issue trying to download xcode over a couple of days


please will this affect being able to automatically get updates? if so, how then can we update xcode when an update is available?


Hi ... unfortunately I didn't use Xcode long enough to give you a proper answer about that


Okay, thanks for the speedy reply though. I’m grateful.


This in combination with dev.to/szashik440/running-app-on-i... made me WAY less frustrated to work on Xcode during an updating period

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