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Which type of Blogs DEV.TO Community want ?

Hello everyone!! 🌟

I've only been publishing about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for the past two months, and I've noticed a progressive decrease in views and post likes. πŸ˜•

So, I'm not sure what kind of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning blogs the audience wants. πŸ€”

Viewers might propose that I develop that type of material. πŸ“ŠπŸ’‘

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Ben Sinclair

I think you shouldn't worry about what "the audience" likes.

If you do that, you'll be competing with the most people to talk about topics that have been done to death.

If you post about things you're interested in, then even if fewer people give you Internet Points, the ones who like it probably get a lot more out of it!

And you'll be making the site better by broadening its scope.

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Jagroop Singh • Edited

I know, but when I see a less educative blog receiving so much attention, I get discouraged.

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Ingo Steinke

There is an ongoing discussion about seemingly successful spam posters who are also quite successful in getting blocked by senior developers. So there is not "the" one audience, it's like a conference where a lot of different people attend, and not everyone is interested in the same topics.

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Andy Piper

Oh, I love this description!

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Lev Nahar • Edited

Some topics are more popular than others, for sure - but I don't think you should be limiting yourself or writing about topics that don't interest you just because they are popular.

Quality content is better than a popular topic to an extent, if you are going to write about extremely niche subjects, you probably won't get much interaction. This is true from the other side as well - if you write about an extremely popular subject, you probably won't get much interaction either (because there is a limit to the number of React articles one can read in a period of time).

But If you write a quality article that is fun to read and is engaging with it's audience about a topic many of us can find interesting, the community will interact with it. It is important to make sure that even if you dive deep into a very technical topic your articles are still fun to read and engaging.

I have recently read an academic paper about a very niche technology I am interested in, and in all honesty it was dreadful. The topic was very interesting but academic papers are dull, purely data-centric and not fun to read at all. I've still read it, because it was the only study in that particular topic, but it was not fun at all!

Check out the most popular articles on DEV.TO, and try to look for differences between them and your articles (sometimes it's just about how you present yourself).

Don't get discouraged, just keep writing, and have fun with it :)

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Dylan Lacey

I'm doing a Linguistics degree on the side and am seriously considering a final research project where I criticise the communicative ability of papers. It's shocking how bad they are, given the constraints and purpose put on them.

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Lev Nahar

Sounds like a solid paper to me!
You’d think that given the amount of effort that was put into them they would at least try and make them engaging.. alas, that is not the case.

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Adam Gardner

Write what you care about. Then in 6 months, 12 months and 18 months time you'll still be writing. Plus, you'll get known in your "area" vs. being "all over the place". Your audience will grow. It takes time. Ignore the content that doesn't resonate, it's a big internet out there!

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Since I started reading your blogs, I have found this to be really beneficial.
My favourite blog post is the one about your machine learning project creation using scikit-learn.

I believe that rather than writing a generic post about any subject, you ought to approach this subject as a project. When individuals view a project, they genuinely believe that they will learn something from it or, if they created it using that blog, that they would include it on their resume.

I hope this suggestion will help you !!
Keep doing the good work and don't get disheartened

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Walter Santos

As a data scientist, I may be biased, but I'm sure that whatever you post on those topics (ML, etc), I'm gonna enjoy it.

Maybe more ML example projects using
Python, scikitlearn and so on? Perhaps something not widely known such as the post on Deepchecks?

Also, maybe more focus on 'Exploratory Data Analysis'. I've seen people skipping that step and dooming a whole ML project because of it. :p

Hope that helps.

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So, true.
When I see a worst blog getting much attention and some too good blog is just not that much popularised then It hurts me.
Still I love to support you because I love your content.