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Introduction to NodeJS

Before Starting learning NodeJS or Blindly following any tutorial it is very crucial to know what is NodeJs ? For what purpose it is used for and with tonnes of option why we should go with NodeJS . So without any delay let's dive into it. 😀

What is NodeJS ?
NodeJS is a cross-platform runtime environment for running JavaScript applications outside the browser.So what does it mean. I will explain this in very simple way.

So before NodeJS one can't run JavaScript Code to our system.Now don't confuse here.Before NodeJS developers can write JS Code but in order to see the Working they have to run it on the Browser like we will do when we initially learning HTML, CSS , JavaScript and somehow even now.

So, When NodeJS was Introduced one can run Javascript code outside the Browser i.e. in our Terminals in any Operating System.

NodeJS is a program that also contains a runtime environment. It can run JavaScript code, and it exposes a number of tools to JavaScript standard to the Node environment.

For what Purpose we use NodeJS ?

Node.js is widely used for creating back-end of applications.
For Example : Express.js which is a NodeJS web application framework used to build the back-end of classic web applications.
Also, it is used for server-side programming and non-blocking backend API services.

Why you Choose NodeJS from Tonnes of Back-End Development Tools ?

So, here I am not Saying that NodeJS is the best for Backend Development and other are less efficient than this.But if someone who is a Front-End Developer, Javascript Developer, ReactJS Developer or know Javascript Libraries and Framework then NodeJS is boon for him/her as they don't need to learn any new language.
While learning or writing NodeJS one cann't say that we are learning some new syntax as it's totally familiar to them . So with this a Developer can work on both Front-End and Back-End by learning just one Language.

Node.js follows a single threaded model which means there is no possibility of Deadlocks in this.

Moreover , Node.js is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine, so its library is very fast in code execution.

That's all about it's Introduction. I will come up with more Blogs related to MERN Technology soon.

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