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Blockchain: Starting of new Journey

Hi there !! , I just started learning Blockchain and it's my new year resolution to become Blockchain Developer in 2023 .

So let's get started with Blockchain Introduction.

A Blockchain is a constantly growing ledger which make sure to keep permanent record of all the transactions that have taken place in chronological ,immutable and secure way.

In know a lot's of Buzzwords there. So let's understand this in a simple way.

Basically a Blockchain is a chain of Blocks that contains information and chain of blocks collectively known as ledger.

Each time when a block get's completed(i.e. when record is stored in the block). A New Block is generated.

Also we cann't change the information in the ledger which makes this secure.

Detailed Explanation :
As we know that, Blockchain is a chain of Block and each block contains some digital information.
Also ,
Each Block of Blockchain has 32-Bit unique whole number called NOnce which is connected to 256-Bit of Hash Number.

A Chain of Cryptographic Hash function is used for connection between Blocks and they are linked in such a way that each block links to it's previous block.

So, that's for this Blog. I will surely add Blogs for Blockchain from now so that whenever I need Revision I will use these blogs. Also it will help others to gain knowledge from these blog.
If anyone is Blockchain Expert or also learning Blockchain feel free to add more content in comments.

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