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Amazon Interview Experience

Hi there ,
I am sharing my Interview Experience at Amazon. Also I didn't selected but I really enjoy the experience.

So , I applied at Amazon for SDE-1 Role at their Career Portal.
I applied there and after 2 weeks I get mail for Amazon and guess what I am selected for Round-1 . Normally, the first round is a HackerRank online assessment(70 minutes coding round) which consist of 3 coding questions basically from String , Graph and DP.

Round 2 : Telephonic Interview (20-30 mins)

My resume got selected for the telephonic round and they asked me for the free time slot for conducting the first round. Within the next 2–3 days my interview was scheduled.


First round was basically to check the core concepts of DSA and Computer Science Fundamentals.

The interviewer asked about graph traversal techniques mainly BFS and DFS. He wanted me to explain them in detail with their time and space complexity. Also, he wanted me to explain its implementation in recursive as well as iterative way.
What are Indexes in SQL?
What are heaps and their time complexity for various operations?
He asked me about the most interesting project on which I worked upon. What are the challenges I faced and how do I conquer them?

Round 2 : Interview Round 1 (60 mins)

This round basically involved 2 medium-level questions and last 10–15 mins for amazon leadership skill analysis. Amazon has its own platform for conducting coding rounds called AmazonChime. It's a code editor used for amazon hiring.

Questions :

Both questions were from leetcode only.

Question 1 :
Question 2 :

Amazon leadership question : Mention the most challenging technical use cases you faced in your organization and what steps you took to overcome them.

It's okay, I am not selected but I enjoyed the process and all the panel member's are very humble and I know I will not be selected because I have no Idea regarding Question 2.

I think I would give more time to learning and practising DSA.

I hope this Interview will help other's in their Upcoming Interview.

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