How do you convince clients to go with Gatsby instead of Wordpress?

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A question for freelancers out there: I have a client who is very used to her Wordpress installation, but the exact same thing could be done with Gatsby + Netlify CMS. I can't seem to convince her to switch and I can't stand how complicated Wordpress is.

Have you faced a situation like this where you ended up convincing your client to switch? How did you do it? Or did you just silently swap hoping they wouldn't notice?

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Does she use the admin-interface a lot, and got used to it?
Will she need some of the WP-Plugins for SEO etc.?

If not, your argument could be maintenance-cost.

With Wordpress, she needs to pay you regularly to keep everything updated and secure. With a static webpage, she only needs to pay you when content/design changes.


Why would she? I don't see a reason to do it or at least you have not given one except your personal opinion that it's complicated. If it is only your personal opinion then she is correct and she should not change it to Gatsby.
Or in other words show her why she should change. (not sure how)


Well, the reasons are more technical: security and speed. As I'm more of a dev and less of a salesman, I can't explain that to a non-techy person


Because now instead of using Netlify for free they have to pay for a hosting for that WP installation


if you stick solely with WordPress, you'd still be paying for hosting

Yeah, but my goal is to make WP die avoid using WP

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