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Discussion on: Working remotely with a cargo cult

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Jorge Alberto Díaz Orozco (Akiel)

My team has a weekly 30 minutes scheduled hangout just to talk about anything. I guess we are pretty lucky because we have many things in common and enjoy company, so I actually look forward to it every week. We are also free to create spaces to interact. I invited everyone to drink a beer and celebrate my birthday with me (after work) and most of them joined the video call.
Within the whole company, I would say it's harder to spread this kind of social interaction. We have had company-wide events just to play games and meet others, but you can't do that often enough so it feels like hanging out with people in "real life". We also hosted a hackathon recently and got many people from different areas together.
My point on this last one is, maybe you don't need to push for it to be a "social meeting". You can give others something to think about that will motivate their inner social animal.
Besides that, being spontaneous matters. We host spontaneous coffee meetings every day. Just jump into Slack and invite people to join in 20 minutes for coffee. Sometimes it's going to be 2 of you, sometimes 15.