Recomendations for open source projects in Javascript.

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I would love to get started on contributing to open source projects that are in Javascript.
My main interest are vanilla JS, React,Typescript and Postgres, unit testing using mocha/chai and jest.
I also do HTML5 and CSS3.

Please somebody point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance!

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hi Jacqueline! I maintain a data mapper, Massive, which generates a JavaScript API from a Postgres database schema. If that sounds interesting, I'm happy to talk ideas or there are a few open items in the issue tracker. In particular, someone recently brought up that the TypeScript definitions in DefinitelyTyped are a couple major versions behind, which seems like it might be up your alley.


I took a quick look over Massive.
It really is interesting. Would love to contribute.


Everything's pretty much in the GitLab issue tracker, so pop on over whenever you like πŸ™‚ I'll follow you here so we can talk on Connect if you've got any quick questions.


Hi Jacqueline,

We're the team behind πŸ‘½ Postwoman (postwoman.io) - An online open sourced API request builder built with Vue Nuxt (4.4k+ stars on GitHub β€’ #2 product of the day on Product Hunt β€’ featured in Indie Hackers, Hacker news, Hacker noon, YouTube & open source dev podcast etc).

We're looking contributions from people like you. Perhaps tweak some UI, update color schemes..

GitHub link: github.com/liyasthomas/postwoman


Off the top of my head - node-postgres (npm install pg) is a great package to help on if you like PG. The GRPC project could use some help on types. Many projects still lack type definitions and you can contribute to DefinitelyTyped to add them or add them directly to the project in a PR.


I would also like the same please ping me too if you get any.?
thanks in anticipation.


Are you interested in framework kernel design for an upcoming w3c standards sdk for UI development?


Got some really good suggestion.
Check them out on the comments.


Are you interested in framework kernel design for an upcoming w3c standards sdk for UI development?

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