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Batch processing is for when the job can take days to weeks. Our system uses Torque, which redirects STDOUT to (task name).o(process id) and STDERR to (task name).e(process id).

In Torque, you can use -n to pass that name, which allows you to send data to the shell script that does everything, like the project id that you're about to package into a 5TB tarball.

So, that happened, and I wanted to see the output. code 1234.o123456789000 1234.e123456789000

This gave me me a VSCode tab for 1234.o123456789000 and an empty tab titled "Infinity".

Code is Electron which is JS and CSS, and you give JS a number bigger than it can handle, it says Infinity. And Code uses Minimist to handle ARGV and didn't specify that the standard entry is a string. I get it, because your standard suffixes will trip the number detection tools.

But 1234.e123456789000 can be read as 1234.0 * 10 ** 123456789000, and that's a really big number.

Fixed by adding ,"_". Bug report and commit available on request.

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