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Podcasts Part 2 - Still Ones Found On Spotify

Podcasts | Hosts | Description/Opinion

  • Real Talk JavaScript | John Papa, Ward Bell, and Dan Wahlin | Though I hadn't listened to this podcast a lot in the previous article. I have since listened to most of the episodes now. I have come to the conclusion it is a fantastic and in-depth podcast, the host is very passionate about what they do and sharing their knowledge. The guests they bring on are reputable and full of fascinating experiences and valuable information.

  • React Podcast | Michael Chan aka @chantastic | So I found this podcast later than I would like to admit... It is definitely a must when it comes to Developers that are picking up on React and would love to stay up to date on React news. It is even suggested in the React community section for Podcasts! Each episode has expert guests and is FULL of information on React and JavaScript news. There is a lively feel to this podcasts that keeps pulling me into each episode.

This is where I go off the rails a little (not the Ruby framework...)

There are a few podcasts that I listen to for personal enjoyment. They are more Infosec, Cybersecurity related but the stories and information are exciting and addicting.

  • Darknet Diaries | Jack Rhysider | So this is one of my favorite and anticipated podcasts. Each new episode I am super excited to see pop up. The episodes I would describe as journalistic research applied to hacker stories. The key feature of these episodes is the extremely well-constructed storytelling style of Jack, as someone on Twitter mentioned to me:

    I always feel like he is telling me an InfoSec horror story while we are sitting by a campfire at night.

    β€” π•‚πžπ’π­π‘ 𝔸π₯π₯𝐞𝐧 (@weird_responder) January 10, 2019

    Darknet Diaries is Personally one of my favorite podcasts and completely unrelated to Software or Web development.

  • Malicious Life | Ran Levi | So the hook that got me from this podcast was two-fold Darknet Dairies mentioned the Podcast (Mentions are how I usually discover new podcasts) AND the first episode was "Ghost in The Machine" my geek brain went..."Ghost in The Shell, hell yes!" So I got sucked into their historical archaeology style of Hacker stories. I feel like I walking into a museum dusting off some of those tour headphones and walking around a warehouse of cool hacker paraphernalia.

So I did Mention Videos...

  • Kent C. Dodds has a YouTube channel that would suggest anyone into React/JavaScript take a long hard look at. I somehow only recently discovered it, ironically through a more obscure path of forking his codesandbox projects messing around with them and bothering him on Twitter... Definitely a recommended course of action for such things lol.

  • Wes Bos YouTube channel... So last article I mentioned Level Up Tuts by Scott Stolinski, well they are both part of the podcast (which I also mentioned and is one of my favorites). Well, Wes Bos also does his own tutorials and has a website too. However, he also likes to make A LOT of free content and post it up on YouTube so if you haven't checked it out I definitely suggest it... example he hacks a drone with Node.js so...yeah there's that.

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