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Discovering sorta...

TL;DR the TL;DR Go here

TL;DR I figured out is great, and you shouldn't wait as long as I did to find out for yourself if you like it too.

When Did You Learn About

I actually had heard about egghead a long time ago, well, long time relatively speaking. Initially, I was hearing about it from the sources I normally get my tech industry news, places like, Twitter, Podcasts (feel free to check out my article on listening to podcasts) and Reddit (which I am using more often in r/reactjs). So why didn't I check it out right away? Because I was content with the content (yes I just did that) from YouTube, Codecademy, Kahn academy... and others. So to preface the article there is nothing currently wrong with them now either, I just stopped being lazy and dug into egghead and their resources.

What's So Great About Egghead and Why Should I Care...?

Well, that is a great question me posing as another person. So ever start searching through YouTube or other resources and think to yourself, I really want to learn this specific technology or even more so I want to learn this specific aspect of a specific technology i.e. maybe Hooks from React (I know...but, that's low hanging fruit for an example though). So, you spend hours sifting through "tutorials" on the subject trying to find one that fits your needs and more important criteria that makes consumable by you subjectively, be that video quality, sound quality, content depth, technical depth... and so on.

In that case, might benefit you, they have a phenomenal dashboard and really make the searching a pleasant experience. The search for a tool from browse all is a nice and clean feeling UI/UX giving you powerful search/filtering abilities to find exactly what you are looking for.

I Am Not Sure What I Want To Learn Jacob, Do They Only Care About Advance Learners...?

Definitely not, they care about all level of learning! 🙂
If you take a look on the header there is a button that says "learn to code." Basically going there they will help you pick what you want to start learning, like frameworks, languages, and so on. The section also guides you a bit more on what content you are searching for or what might be useful, if you are not certain enough to look for the content using the searching tools.

How To Egghead like a Pro:
the link brought to my attention by Ian Jones

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