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Anagram Generator

TL;DR I did a challenge for an anagram creator, I broke down some of the processes. Here is where you can find it in GitHub

Why make one?

I saw someone working on Anagram tester/generator on Twitter, so I decided... I am at the airport for several hours, then a plane ride and need something to do.

The first thing I tried to do was randomly change the index of the elements maybe using .sort() with a Math.random() somehow in the mix. I got something that was sorta (bum dum tss) doing what I was hoping for.

Changing the approach, there are usually many different ways to do something.

  • The first step for this for me was to still create a pseudo-random number that I could use later. I had an idea that it would take in some input that is different to increase randomness. I thought about adding this function but it seemed like overkill for the purpose. randomIntGenerator
  • The next step would be the actual anagram code. I will post the whole thing at the end with Jest tests.

  • The function with param for an incoming string argument would have an array that would be conditionally .push() or .unshift() too.

const randomIntGenerator = ind => Math.floor(ind * Math.random() * 10);

const convertAnagram = str => { const memory = []; }
Ok, cool start.

  • From here I want to make a method inside the convertAnagram() that uses the randomIntGenerator() to start changing the string. It would be a conditional based on the random numbers odd or even value which would if even it would push to the array if odd it would unshift inserts the value in the 0 index of an array the logic looking like:

const anagramify = (ele, ind) => randomIntGenerator(ind) % 2 ? memory.push(ele) : memory.unshift(ele);

  • Now if you are like, "wait what, where is the loop...?" well done. That last method is made for tacit-programming (point-free) which I had learned from on his course on functional programming, the next bit of logic utilizes the Array.from(str) to create an array to .map() I am fairly certain you could validly [...str].map() as well. So what is passed into the .map()? Well it's the method expression anagramify 🀣🀣


  • The final step is to return the array joined on empty strings to convert the array back to a string.

return memory.join('');

Here is the whole thing plus some comments I use betterComments extension and JSdocs so they dont look like plain multiline comments:

@function randomIntGenerator used to get random number for string positionrandomizing<br>
  @param {Integer} ind index passed in to further pseudo randomize<br>
const randomIntGenerator = ind => Math.floor(ind * Math.random() * 10);<br>
  @function convertAnagram converts a string into an anagram of itself.<br>
  @param {String} str string to be transformed.<br>
  @note This could likely be converted to a recursive function.<br>
const convertAnagram = str => {<br>
  const memory = [];<br>
  const anagramify = (ele, ind) =><br>
    randomIntGenerator(ind) % 2 ? memory.push(ele) : memory.unshift(ele);<br>
  return memory.join( raw ``);<br>
export { convertAnagram };

The Jest Tests for the anagram-generator:
import 'jest'; import { convertAnagram } from "./index";<br>
describe(` endraw anagram-generator test suite raw `, () => {<br>
  test(` endraw should receive string and convert it to an anagram with no side effects raw `, () => {<br>
    const TEST_STRING = ` endraw HELLOWORLD raw `;<br>
    const returnedString = convertAnagram(TEST_STRING);<br>
    expect(returnedString !== TEST_STRING).toBe(true);<br>
  test(` endraw Is creating an anagram of a String raw `, () => {<br>
    const TEST_STRING = ` endraw PROGRAMMING`;<br>
    const returnedString = convertAnagram(TEST_STRING);<br>
    const sortedOriginal = [...TEST_STRING].sort();<br>
    const sortedReturned = [...returnedString].sort();<br>
    const boolReturned = sortedOriginal.every((ele, i) => ele === sortedReturned[i]);<br>

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Jacob Evans

Mmm... I could add better tests lol πŸ˜†

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Jacob Evans

I have since made some more tests and added a typecheck to the input if your interested check out the GitHub link at the top.