The Best Books for New Devs + Bonus Twitter Thread

Jacob Herrington (he/him) on January 13, 2019

This thread just came across my Twitter feed and it's looking like it will turn into a goldmine of resources. Jos... [Read Full]
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Clean code and code complete are for developers with already a few years of experience.

You do not understand those concepts until you have basics of IDEs, patterns, software, code sharing, working in a team, and so on.

First books should be about learning what sofware is, how a computer works and a programming language with CS basics. I usually add some Logic gamification to prepare the future dev.


Sure. These aren't learn to code books, they are books for devs who are working and looking to level up.


I think the premise of this was for new developers,not beginners learning how to develop.


How to Win Friends is a great one.

For people who want to get better at the meta-skill of building habits (like, say, practicing coding every day), James Clear's new book Atomic Habits is a good read.


One of the best books ever on software development:

The pragmatic programmer: From journeyman to master

I wish I had read it much earlier in my career.


This one is a little strange, but I recommend it to everyone: Expert C Programming by van der Linden. You don't necessarily learn to be an expert C programmer by reading it, and you don't have to know much about C to pick it up. The book is full of weird and wonderful bits of information about how things work under the hood, mixed with really fun stories and puzzles from the author. :)


As always, I strongly recommend Dreaming in Code by Scott Rosenberg! Every developer should have to read it, honestly, as it shows what real-world programming is like...and introduces you to just how unpredictable and weird software development actually is.


How To Win Friends & Influence People was amazing!!


Learn HTML & CSS and Learn JavaScript & jQuery, both by Jon Duckett, are amazing resources for new and veteran front-end devs alike. They include code samples, interactive exercises that you can work through online, and they are beautifully designed. HIGHLY recommend these to new developers.


Debugging Teams is good as it talks about the culture of the company and working in a team setting.

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