Lightning Fast Terminal File Manager

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I've been using nnn for a few months now, and I can't overhype it.

It's a no-frills, super-fast file manager that runs in your terminal. It's open source and written in C.

jarun / nnn

:dolphin: Tiny, lightning fast, feature-packed file manager


Noice is Not Noice, a noicer fork...

Latest release Homebrew Arch Linux Debian Buster+ Fedora 27+ openSUSE Leap 15.0+ Ubuntu Artful+

Build Status License

nnn video

nnn in action! (Thanks Luke Smith for the video!)

nnn is smooth... like butter. It's also probably the fastest and most lightweight file manager you have ever used.

nnn integrates seamlessly with your DE and favourite GUI utilities, has a unique navigate-as-you-type mode with auto-select, disk usage analyzer mode, bookmarks, contexts, application launcher, familiar navigation shortcuts, subshell spawning, quick notes and much more.

Integrate utilities like sxiv (image preview) or fzy (fuzzy subtree search) easily, transfer selected files using lftp or use it as a (neo)vim plugin; nnn supports as many scripts as you need! Refer to the How to section on wiki for more details.

It runs on Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi, BSD, Cygwin, Linux subsystem for Windows and Termux.

Quickstart and see how nnn simplifies those long desktop sessions.

Love smart and efficient utilities? Explore my repositories. Buy me…

The Quickstart guide is excellent.

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Furiously Fast File-manager
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