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Awesome Vue courses & certifications

Hey all,

It’s the Black Friday season!

That time of the year when you are struggling to decide which deal out of the many amazing ones to grab. Buckle up, because I have some great news for you!

Vue School launched the Ultimate Vue Bundle! 🥳

My friends at Vue School have put together the best Black Friday offer you will ever find for a Vue.js developer! The bundle contains all the courses that you would need to master Vue.js and the wider ecosystem, including the certificate to prove it!

Vue Bundle

With the Ultimate Vue Bundle, you’ll unlock access to premium lessons, and courses you need to master the full Vue.js ecosystem, with amazing technologies like TypeScript, Astro, Tailwind, Vuetify, Pinia, Nuxt, Vite, Vitest, Composition API, and many, many more.

🛍️ With a single purchase, you can get access to a bundle of amazing deals to master Vue.js fully! What's Inside the Bundle you may wonder?

👉 Vue School Lifetime access (Full price $900)
👉 Mastering Nuxt 2 Complete (Full price $249)
👉 Mastering Nuxt 3 Complete (Full price $269)
👉 Mastering Pinia Complete (Full price $297)
👉 Official Vue.js Developer and Senior Vue.js Developer Certification Exam and Preparation Bundle (Full price $1057)

The value of the full bundle is a whopping $2,772!
And YOU only pay $999.

What I especially love about the Vue Bundle is that 22% of all sales go to supporting the development of our favorite open-source frameworks: Vue.js, Nuxt, and Pinia.

If you already own any of these products - no problem! You can build your own bundle with the products that you want for a fraction of their full price. The more products you add, earn up to 23% additional discount on top of already amazing Black Friday deals!

If you ask me - totally worth it. ✅

It’s the best time ever to join Vue School, and I invite you to join me in learning together! I am hyped about this deal and hope it helps you grow your skills and scale your career.

→ Save 64% on your favorite Vue.js courses today

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