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Things You Need To Know About NODE.JS

jacksphinx profile image Jack Miler ・2 min read

A mobile application development platform is a type of software that allows to rapidly develop, test and deploy mobile applications for smartphones or tablets.

Today we are talking about, one of the fastest gaining popular platform Node.js. It is a good choice for startup ventures as well. Applications like PayPal, Uber, Slack are developed on Node.

Check the benefits of Node.js for the application developers and vendors:

· Node is very much developer friendly
The platform comes with great documentation and tutorial videos to teach the new developers to work on it. As it uses JavaScript it is quite easy to learn and use. Other technologies like Spring and ASP.NET need the developers to know other languages to code on the server side as well. But Node uses JS for both the ends.

· Node is highly scalable
A both Node and JavaScript follows a step-wise approach, repetition of the new addition to existing apps can be easily added to the program, tested on the run and deployed quickly. This makes Node-based apps highly scalable. And the app can be re-used over and over again.

· It uses the same language for both front and backend operation
With Node, the developer can focus on the coding instead of worrying about translating between different languages and need not invest in separate developers. Node.js comes with a two-way communication model. Here the communication between the client and server exchanging data rapidly and effectively.

· Node is very fast
A single node server is capable of handling about twenty times the load produced by java. It does not clutter up slowing down the processing speed. Thus app developers get a fast response and accelerate app development accordingly.

· Node library support is huge
All the elements work very well and in fine-tuned collaboration with each other. In this way, node scores more than other.

· No need to install or configure a web server for HTTP
The node uses TCP and not HTTP for running its web sockets, so there is no need to spend time in installing a separate web server for using the HTTP.

· Node is lightweight
Node does not begin a new thread for every new client request. This means every operation is executed on a single thread in a series.

All these advantages of Node.JS are proved to be extremely helpful in developing the application. It is seen that LinkedIn shifted from Ruby to Node to handle their mobile traffic, got a new system which is faster and also the number of servers is reduced to 3 from 30. The performance capability of Node is great.

It has taken the app world by storm. We are also working on Node.js and taking full advantage of it to offer the best products to the client.

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