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Discussion on: I am a Mexican Software Developer & Senior CS student, Ask Me Anything!

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Jackson Munene

Which are the best learning tools for Programming. I'll be grateful for your assistance mate. Am in first year doing computer science.

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Carlos García Ask Me Anything

Congrats in entering to CS, bro! So, for programming I would recommend...

Programming learning resources:
1 - Take advantage of your professors! School helps a lot if you take right advantage of it.
2 - Books. With programming you have to be a self learner even tho you are in a formal University. O'Reilly books are awesome!
3 - Search courses in sites like Udacity/Coursera/edX they have awesome resources!

Tools I use in a daily basis:

  • Linux / Ubuntu
  • Microsoft Visual Code
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Learn to use Git & GitHub (I use GitKraken as a GitUI)
  • Learn to use the linux terminal
  • Slack
  • MySQL for database related projects
  • virtualenv for Python

If you have an specific need just let me know:)