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Jackson Kasi
Jackson Kasi

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The Giveaway for you😍

Hello friends!

I am jackson kasi

I have swag coupon code for participating in Azure contest.

But I can't use it. Because these swags will only be delivered in USA country.

If any of you want this you have a very simple thing to do.

Whether you have your open-source project or portfolio project & web link or any project you have done, please comment about it below.

[any - GitHub project link, web link with your repo link, portfolio link with your repo link]

I will share this coupon code to whoever of you gets the most likes.

winner will announced - June 12

Redeem your swag prize here:

Please use the above to redeem your swag prize and note the following.

  1. Go to the swag redemption portal linked above.
  2. Use the code to log in. Please note that this is a one-time usable unique code that will be valid to redeem any swag item from the portal.
  3. Select swag and checkout. Enter the U.S. address where you want the swag to be delivered.

Congratulations and have a wonderful day!


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Jackson Kasi Author • Edited on

No one has commented yet. OK though.
here is the code: rnknnbogvuupkbxmvecoa
@fernandoegv sorry for tagging you. I saw that you are an American, so I tag you πŸ™‚