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Jackson Kasi
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API building tool online - low code

guys, does anyone know if is there any online tool here for making API without code ( like a low-code model ). because in our product there is a lot of API is there & we will use PSQL or MongoDB.

and we can able connect out database with this tool or this will provide any database.

maximum API will do CRUD operation. and we have less time.

this tool can be paid or free. please give any solution guys.

thanks 🤗

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Dennis Groß (he/him)

You can generate APIs with CRUD endpoints with this .

I don't like it, you end up with a lot of code that you don't understand and that your are not able to maintain. I strongly recommend you pickup a modern REST API framework like Fast API or Express and code the thing by yourself.

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Байдиков Сергей • Edited

for postrges option PostgREST

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Jackson Kasi

thanks for sharing with me! but I ask tools/products like low code some examples are in this blog. but I don't know can we use this API in any other place?

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