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This was soooooo encouraging. I'm not new at development, but was lately feeling kinda "down" about having to learn (and retain) so much.

Side note: someone should write a "Learning how to learn" for developers.


Glad you enjoyed it! That's a great idea... maybe a follow up soon :)


Look up Learning How To Learn on Coursera - that should keep you gainfully occupied for a while ...


Seconded! I really recommend this course to all in case they need a course to get started with. Even if you know some techniques already, at least they give you a scientific perspective of it and most of all, it teaches you how to learn without exerting most of your willpower.

I am in the process of Learning How To Learn for the past 2 months. I will certainly write about it to share it with anyone interested.

Learning how to learn is VERY hard and you'd be surprised the amount of obstacles I face every day!

A bit of advice for now : don't lose sight over the goal!

Please do. I'm quite interested to see other peoples' experiences from this. 😁

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