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How can learn Java well in 2022

Java is now the No.1 language in the global programming language. It is widely used and has broad prospects. In addition, many software development cannot be separated from Java. In the development field with Java as the core, the demand of Java EE programmers has been in the first place for 10 years!

How to learn Java? What are the main points of the tutorial? How to master? Do the following to get started faster and master Java more easily.

Java Essentials

  1. You need to be proficient in Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/OOD), Involving Patterns (GOF, J2EEDP), and Integrated Patterns. You should have a good understanding of UML, especially class, object, interaction and statedagrams.
  2. You need to learn the basic knowledge of JAVA language and its core class libraries (collections, serialization, streams, networking, multithreading, reflection, and others).
  3. You should understand the basic working mechanism of JVM, classloaders, classreflect, and garbage collection. You should be able to decompile a class file and understand some basic assembly instructions.
  4. You need to learn Java database technology, such as JDBC API, and use at least one persistence/ORM architecture, such as Hibernate, JDO, CocoBase, TopLink, InsideLiberator or iBatis.
  5. You should be familiar with a JAVAIDE such as sunOne, netBeans, IntelliJIDEA or Eclipse. (Some people prefer VI or EMACS to write files. Whatever you use.)
  6. JAVA (to be precise, some configurations) is lengthy, and it requires a lot of manual code (such as EJB), so you need to be familiar with code generation tools, such as XDoclet.

Five major stages of Java learning

Phase 1: Java design and programming skills
Proficient in object-oriented thinking and Java basic syntax; Familiar with Java exception handling; Proficient in Java I/O operation; Master Java multithreading operation; Proficient in the use of Jjava collection classes; Master Java network programming; Proficient in database/JDBC.
Phase 2: Web front-end development skills
Master html+css+js related technologies; Quickly write code through H5 related libraries; Build an interface that meets the requirements of big data, so that front-end+back-end+big data can achieve three-dimensional integration.
Phase 3: Java EE advanced skills
Master Tomcat/Nginx server construction; Master the use of Jsp&Servlet; Be proficient in the principle and use of SSH and SSM popular frameworks.
Stage 4: Skills for mastering big data core knowledge
Understand the principle of hadoop mechanism; Understand the building process of hadoop cluster; Understand the use of Hdfs API and mr programming model; Learn how to use hive, hbase, sqoop, flume and other components.
Stage 5: Skills mastered in integrated projects
The real comprehensive project development ability of enterprises, such as large-scale online shopping mall project, Narita project, ordering system, online book store, OA office automation project, CRM customer relationship management project, has reached the technical level of medium and senior Java engineers.

Reading Java books is one of the best way to learn Java. We collect the best java books for beginners to the advanced expert, hope it can help you become a java expert.

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