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How to Install on Chomebook

You have a Linux-capable Chromebook. You can check here.
You have already enabled Linux. You can follow instructions here.

My Environment
Samsung Chromebook 3
Linux enabled
Google Chrome 72.0.3626.49 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

Step 1 - Download
I downloaded the deb installer direct from Atom's Github releases page. You'll need to use the correct flags in your curl command in order to handle the inevitable redirects :: le sigh ::

curl command with flags

Step 2 - Install
Installing is simple as opening your file browser, navigating down to My files > Linux files, then double clicking the deb installer file.

deb installer in file browser

Step 3 - Launch Atom
I prefer to launch directly from the directory I want to work from using the atom . command. Although, you could also just search for Atom and launch that way.

atom launched from terminal

Discussion (6)

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Andy Hopwood

I just got a chromebook the other day! Same steps for installing vscode...I also open that in the same way you open atom

jackkeck profile image
Jack Keck Author

How well does vscode work on the chromebook? I opted towards Atom given how light weight it is.

andhop profile image
Andy Hopwood

Yeah it's pretty good so far. They're almost the same anyway. Both electron based apps. That's what makes them so light weight

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Nice, what's it like writing code on your Chromebook? Do you find it pretty comparable with writing on any other typical PC/Linux laptop or Macbook?

jackkeck profile image
Jack Keck Author • Edited on

It’s not horrible. I wanted something less expensive to tool around on and it gets the job done. With the Crostini project, it hits the same spot for me that I get when I can pop a shell on a MacBook. It can be a bit laggy if I have too many tabs open while I’m running Atom and Terminal but nothing egregious.

I’m also toying with it as a thin client for AWS Workspaces. That’s a pretty smooth experience as well; minus the lack of support for hotkeys :(

Can’t beat a $169 dev box tho :)

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Phoenix (The Cat OS Owner) #StayHome

I can't seem to Install it.