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I'm Jack! I'm a Freelance Developer. I have experience with WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, React, Linux Admin, & More! Ask Me Anything!!
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I made another thing. This time it's a WordPress plugin to generate a Markdown List of Links to your most recent posts. I built it specifically for linking back to your WordPress hosted blog posts at the end of your Dev.To (or other markdown supported) posts.

Check It Out

Or you can install it through your WordPress back end. Just search in the Add Plugins screen for Recent Posts Markdown Generator.

Once installed you just go to Tools > Recent Posts Markdown. Select your post type and how many posts you want to link and BAM! A list of links to your most recent posts.

Sample Output:

## Recent Blog Posts
* [How To Measure Angles In Illustrator](
* [Optimizing My Stars – PHP Generated SVG vs Canvas](
* [Unlimited Private GitHub Repos for Free Accounts](
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Recent Blog Posts

Let Me Know What You Think!

Thoughts, concerns and feedback are all welcome! Check out the code and let me know if this is something you could see yourself using!

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