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If I could change one thing about learning to code, it would be that it was started earlier, particularly in schools.

I was fortunate that my dad worked for Intel growing up so he always knew (in my head) everything about computers. He started teaching me Visual Basic and Macro writing pretty young and that definitely sparked my interest in tech/web/programming. It helps build logical and critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and so much more. We need to teach all the kids to code!


Beat me to it! I was thinking the other day that most languages are no more difficult than learning English( or most other languages), mathematics, etc. The only difference is that those concepts are continuously drilled in us from an early age, and learning coding would be easier if we started learning a high-level overview of logic, data modelling, etc in elementary school.


When I was in high school, I didn’t even know that software development was an option to study. There were no programming classes. I didn’t see a line of code until I was 21 and decided I wanted to learn more about programming to see if it would be a fit for me. Luckily 10 years later it was definitely the right choice!


Exactly! Get kids messing around with logic earlier. Even just the "How to get the Pizza to the party" stuff (Order Pizza, Right Turn, Forward 2, Left Turn, forward 1, pick up pizza, etc)

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