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So far, for me, it's been the lack of response either way. I shoot my resume out in to the void for nothing to ever come back. I don't know if my stuff didn't go through, or it's a no. I'd rather get rejected than get nothing back.

Also the line "We'll keep you in mind if there's an opening we think you'd be a good fit for". I highly doubt any of these people are like "We need a new _______ lets go through all these rejected resumes and see if any fit". They're just going to slap the new posting up and sift through the new responses, so why lie about it?


Oh I hate the "We'll keep you in mind..." stuff. That's a polite way of saying your resume is going in the reject pile but thanks for giving it to us.


Do you write cover letters? I review resumes and the cover letter makes a big difference - non generic, showing some interest in us as a company will really help.


I typically have been. Although most of the time it's just the body of the email when they say "Email us at jobs@_____.com to apply". I typically write it out as a more detailed explanation of me (extension of my resume), what skills I would bring to the company, and what I hope to get from the position.

Would you mind if I PM you the latest one I'm writing and my resume to get some feedback?

For sure. It can be a place to distinguish yourself - show that you've done some research about the company itself, demonstrate some genuine enthusiasm - your resume will cover the facts, this is a time to show a little bit of personality (that's my view anyway!) - hundreds of people will be mailing jobs@____.com. It can be useful to make it all pretty and send it as an attachment too.

I ask because I work for a reasonably unique company and I have a heuristic that if the cover letter shows no idea of what we're about (i.e. somebody has read the website, understood our values) then I click reject pretty quickly!

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