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re: That's great! Nothing like the agony of realizing you let a domain expire, and the joy of getting a special domain back. I used to actively buy/s...

Do you think there's still a market for buying/selling domains? It just seems to me like a crapshoot where you might happen on some domain that a startup needed or whatever.

I never tried reaching out to the previous owners of JackHarner.com for fear that they would know someone wanted it and decide it's worth $20,000 or something and just hold on to it.


There's definitely still a market. There are a few big communities like Namepros.com, and some bigger platforms like NameJet.com, Flippa, and others.

I think it's cooled down a lot, as people increasingly navigate the web through search, social media, etc., and less on type-in traffic. I also think the idea of a "category killer" domain has dropped off since the .COM boom. People are more comfortable with brand names and new extensions (such as .to), and so there's less of an emphasis on "trusting" a company just because it has the best / generic domain name.

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