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Jack Harner πŸš€
Jack Harner πŸš€

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Black Friday Show Off

Tis the season for Coffee Pot Mobs and being thankful for credit cards. I just wanted to show off some of the material I've developed for for our Black Friday Sale.

Feel Free to visit and use code BLACKFRIDAY for 25% Off.

Black Friday Weekend Only. Disclosure: I work here

Snow Falling Gif

The First thing you're greeted with on our homepage is a full width almost full screen banner. I used SVG for the BLACK FRIDAY | Take An Additional 25% Off and then just Canvas and JS for the snow falling.

Small Banner

Then if you navigate off the homepage, the banner shrinks and shuffles to not take up as much screen real estate, but still be prominently featured on every page.

Shoolu Black Friday Landing Page

This is the landing page for the sale. Detailing all of the rules and showing off some of the collections we wanted to emphasize on the sale.

All of this was accompanied by stylistically similar email and social campaigns.

It's a little late to make changes to any of this, but I'd love to know your feedback so I can improve for the next one!

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