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Jayant Khandelwal
Jayant Khandelwal

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Chatwow - Social Networking Made Easy!

What I built

Social Networking web application made on top of MERN stack which allows user to login, signup, create new posts, Delete posts, Follow and unfollow users, like and comment on other posts, update profile pic and much more like a real social media app


MERN Stack Project

App Link


1.) Login Page

Login Page

2.)Signup Page


3.)Home Page


4.)Profile Page


5.)Create Post Page

Create Post

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

All Rights Reserved

How I built it

Used ReactJS as a Frontend Framework along with state management using Context APIs and Hooks to handle client-side, Node.js, and Express.js as the Backend Framework and MongoDB Atlas for maintaining the database. Deployed it using Heroku Cloud Service.

Your Feedback is highly appreciated!

Happy Coding!

-Jayant Khandelwal

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