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Md. Jamal Uddin
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Principles of Analytic Graphics

Principle-1: Show Comparisons

  • Evidence for a hypothesis is always relative to another competing hypothesis.
  • Always ask "Compared to what?"

Principle-2: Show casualty, mechanism, explanation, systematic structure

  • What is your casual framework for thinking about a question?

Principle-3: Show multivariate data

  • Multivariate = more than 2 variables
  • The real world is multivariate
  • Need to "escape flatland"

Principle-4: Integration of Evidence

  • Completely integrated words, numbers, images, diagrams
  • Data graphics should make use of many modes of data presentation
  • Don't let the tool drive the analysis

Principle-5: Describe and document the evidence with appropriate labels, scales, sources, etc

  • A data graphic should tell a complete story that is credible

Principle-6: Content is King

  • Analytical presentations ultimately stand or fall depending on the quality, relevance, and integrity of their content.


  • Content idea from Exploratory Data Analysis Course on Coursera
  • Header Image from Unsplash

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