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Discussion on: Side Project Sunday! What do you have going on?

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Jean-Michel Plourde

I have always been curious about tools aimed at people with critical jobs such as firefighters, paramedics, etc. In your project, do you deal with very sensitive and critical information? And if so, do you take extra measure to ensure reliability and data integrity?

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Marius Bekk • Edited on

This is a real challenge yes, but I am trying to create an application without as much sensitive information as possible. I am for example taking the address from a callout and are using BING API to create a GPS zone and toss away the address. This way I am not having the address of an incident in my database, but I am still able to create heatmaps etc.

Other information is not that sensitive, it's information that could have been in the local news paper with some twists to it.
A user can check how many calls his of hers department have had, and that information is saved. But at the same time the same information is available by searching the news.
There is currently no extra measure to ensure reliability or data integrity, but the application is still also in early development mostly living on my Mac.

Hope that answers you questions.