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I think a good team lead is able context switch quickly without being frustrated at being pulled off what they are currently doing to help others.

As a lead, people will ask you questions, that's part of the job.

support morale in the team

Though I do agree a team lead should help the morale in the team, there's a few ways to do it. It can come from things like (just to name a few):

  • Helping buffer requests to the team from management/business (as mentioned by another comment)
  • Clarify to the team business goals
  • Help solve technical problems.
  • Help the team understand they are not alone in solving problems. We are in it together as a team.

Listening and having compassion is one thing, but I don't think a team lead should be used as a dumping ground for emotional issues (or be used as some form of a psychologist) and I think a good team lead needs to know at which point conflict resolution becomes something that management needs to be involved.

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