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Anvil meets OpenAI meets People

Earlier this week I had a very quick Twitter exchange about “wouldn’t it be nice to have a UI for logging outputs for AI chat, to provide an audit trail for ideas.”

The context was patents, but being able to distinguish the owner of creativity is going to become ever more important, especially given that academics have already decided the detection game is a turkey.

I set to it and doodled out the application in Anvil.Works, a mega-powerful python framework for full stack development, hooking it straight into the latest version of the OpenAI API.

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The result is damn tidy for an hour of effort and I've made it open, so people can clone and tinker to their heart's content.

You can use a free account in Anvil. You'll need to add your secret key for OpenAI's API to the secrets manager and call it "openaikey."

I've made a quick video tutorial to accompany this, so you can see how the magic is done.

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