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It Was Not My Laziness, It Was My Fear That Stopped Me Moving Forward.

Today, I didn't feel like learning coding. Just wanted to binge watch silly Youtube videos all afternoon and I bumped into this video about laziness. She said we procrasinate not becuase we are lazy it's because we are afraid. Afraid of failing. And I realized that I was afraid of getting stuck while I write my code. I decided to be brave and here is what I made today.

I just learned basic concepts and basic syntex of React, so what I made is not complicated thing. It is just static web page. But I am still proud of my self.
Here is what I build today

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Muhammad Ridho Anshory

Superb looking nice already. Keep it up!!

edward_naidoo profile image
Edward Naidoo

Nice Webpage. I like how everything brings out the meat of information and is like a portfolio. This looks like a professional business card that you can share across the web like linktree.