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Fun Things to Automate With Hubitat

In my last post, I talked about Moving from Wink to Hubitat. In this post I thought I would drop a two notes on things I've setup in my home.

Auto Off Timers

A cool feature of the Inovelli Switches is the ability to set an auto off timer. We have a bad habit in our house of leaving the basement lights on. So I configured a 20 minute timer:
Auto Off

No, really, it's that simple with the Hubitat and Inovelli Switch!

Simple Automation Rules

In the last article I talked about using the Rule Machine to setup complex rules, but what if you just need something simple? Using
Simple Automation Rules(Previously named Simple Lighting) we can configure basic things without the need for complex rules.

We have a room in our basement that isn't on a switch, it just has an old pull string light fixture. I replaced the bulb with a ZigBee bulb and setup a simple automation to control it with the other basement switch:

Basement Light

No more pull string, this bulb is now controlled by the basement switch, and we didn't have to rewire anything! Another cool call out here, the Bulb is ZigBee and the switch is Z-Wave, Hubitat makes it super simple to control devices even if they are different protocols.

Happy Automating!

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