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a new way to download hashicorp tools

j4ng5y profile image Jordan Gregory ・1 min read

Have you ever found yourself distro hopping, or supporting a large cluster of servers/workstations that all need certain hashicorp tools on them?

Have you ever started to make up curse words from having to go to the downloads section of each tool and/or build them from source every time?

Well folks, I have the tool for you. In an abundance of laziness, I created this tool to grab any/all of the hashicorp tools for you and put them in normal places.

GitHub logo j4ng5y / hashi.up

A simple app to get the hashicorp tools


This is a little tool to help grab the hashicorp tools more easily, rather than having to go to each web page, find your OS/Arch, and download the tool.

Getting the tool

Head on over to the Releases page and grab the version you need for your os. This is a simple binary, so no real installation is necessary.

On a *nix system, you may need to provide execution privliedges to run this tool: chmod +x hashi.up

Building from source

You would need to have Go installed and runable, to do this, head over to The Go Downloads Website and install it.

Additionally, you would need to have make installed.

Otherwise, simply clone this repository, cd into the repository direcotry, and run make && make install.


  hashi.up [flags]
  hashi.up [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  install     Install one, some, or all of the hashicorp

Feel free to check it out and if you find a bug, I'm very interesting in making that a good tool, so I'll fix it in a jiffy.

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