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Week 0: Security blog posts introduction

Hi! My name is Juanjo and as some of you may know, I’m a Software Developer at The Agile Monkeys. From the last year or so (early 2019), I began my path into the penetration testing world and I have to be honest, I’m loving every piece of it. That’s why today, approximately 1 year after, I decided to write about some stuff I have found interesting during this amazing year (plus new things I will learn of course).

You might be asking what a penetration test is (otherwise just skip this paragraph). A penetration test is a process of studying/analyzing a system with the objective of finding existing vulnerabilities and reporting them back to the system’s owner (so they can fix them). You can check an example of what a penetration test report looks like here:

First of all, I want to clarify that I’m not a penetration tester and I’m not even close to being a pro at all, but I consider that I have studied enough to talk about certain topics or at least the initial/intermediate steps of it. So first of all, I would like to clarify how this is going to be organized:

  • I will write about a different topic from every Thursday afternoon/evening to the next one. That means that you will have something to read every Thursday.
  • These posts will not be organized as chapters, and I will probably explain different and unrelated things every time. This is because the beginning part of it could get really tedious to follow.
  • The objective is not only me teaching you stuff, but you also participating in the comments so we can all share our knowledge. Maybe we can all learn something new!

So, let the write begins!!

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