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Specify a file as the url in your cpanfile

Whilst it is not explicitly stated in the docs, you can specify a file path as the url for the dependency in a cpanfile:

requires "Module::Name",
  url => "file:///path/to/Module-Name-${VERSION}.tar.gz";

This can prove useful if (for example) you want to test local versions of your own modules and don't have or want a local CPAN mirror.

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This only works with carton, not with cpanm --installdeps .

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Thanks for the comment.

I have the following cpanfile:

requires 'Bean::Crypt', url => 'file:///~/.src/p5-bean-crypt/Bean-Crypt-1.01.tar.gz';
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And I do however find that it works with on my system as expected:

cpanm --installdeps .
Successfully installed Type-Tiny-1.012004
Successfully installed CryptX-0.074
Successfully installed Bean-Crypt-1.02
3 distributions installed
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I am using the following cpanm version:

cpanm -V
cpanm (App::cpanminus) version 1.7044 (~/.plenv/versions/5.30.0/bin/cpanm)
perl version 5.030000 (~/.plenv/versions/5.30.0/bin/perl5.30.0)
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