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Janardhan Pulivarthi
Janardhan Pulivarthi

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I treat docs as textbooks and read them regularly

Image credit: Richard Mortel. Place: Dhahran al-Janub, Asir Region, Saudi Arabia. Clicked on: September 2020

I tend to memorize the documentation links, for example,, so that while searching on internet.

Each website is an architecture on par with real architecture. Each one has its nuances.

My search would be narrowed to pom settings

I feel that this would lead to compound learning over time. To support this point I have been using (from 2016) for git documentation, and referred to it ever since. Now, I know the format of that website, where to find a specific topic in that website. Feels good. 😺

I use stackoverflow and blogs explanation to complement my understanding.

I can be biased. What do you prefer as a best learning aid, do you take notes or trust memory?

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