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Discussion on: I triple-booted on an 8-years-old MacBook Pro (and OS's comparison)

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Jochen Gererstorfer

Well done!

I made a Chromium book with my even older MacBook.
You can find more about it here:
But, sorry only German article...

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

NVM, I can translate with Google.

So, you can upgrade the HDD to SSD. Did you do it yourself? If I had to do it, I would have to ask a non-official notebook shop, and that still also depends on their response...

I am a little tempted to try Android x86 or related OS's as well; although I don't see whether it will benefit. (Maybe play Bluestack games? Never tried...)

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Jochen Gererstorfer

Yes I changed the SSD myself. The new SSD is from Amazon.
You just need a screwdriver. It was really easy.

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Mike Bybee • Edited

SSD is the single most important upgrade you can make (even on the older SATA interface). You'll be very happy if you upgrade the RAM too, since 2012 is the last MBP that makes it possible.