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Bathe, the simplest WordPress starter theme

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I released a simplest WordPress starter theme including full setup for Sass, Autoprefixer, stylelint, Webpack, ESLint, Browsersync, etc.

If you use wp-env with Bathe, you can start your theme development really fast.

1. Download or clone your repository generated from Bathe
2. Change directories into the Bathe folder

cd /path/to/bathe

3. Start wp-env

wp-env start

4. Install dependencies

npm i

5. Start developing

npm run dev

Of course, you can use Bathe with any development environment other than wp-env.

I would love to hear your feedback, and issues and PRs are welcome 😎

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Contributor of WordPress, Ruby on Rails, React, Vue CLI, etc. Developer of Wocker (Docker-based WordPress development environment), Bathe (the simplest WordPress starter theme), Frasco, etc.


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