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I need help with Next.js api

I want to change "collections" (string) from front end? How to do that?

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Jan Vlnas

Hey @ivkemilioner, for starters I recommend tagging your post with help to reach more people.

Anyways, if I understand your question correctly, you want to pass collections as an outside parameter to your API endpoint? I recommend checking the documentation, you can use query parameter to pass data to your endpoint.

For example, if you access your API route like this: /api/qapages?collection=questions, you can read the collection query parameter via req.query:

export default async function qaPages(req, res) {
  const collection = req.query.collection;
  const questions = await db
  // ...
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However, make sure to validate the incoming parameter so it's possible to access only collections which should be accessible this way.

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Thank you very much! I fixed !

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hi @ivkemilioner i have a suggestion 😁 you can use singleton pattern to create a one time connection to database and then reuse that connection so that you need not call connectToDatabase over and over