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Discussion on: Open Source: Many of the benefits of socialism without the baggage

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What you are describing is a byproduct of capitalism and individual liberty, it could have never existed with socialism.

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jreighley Author

The open source movement is nearly by definition "socialism" Public ownership of the means of production.

I think the problem we have is that we always conflate economic systems with statism. Laissez faire may bring about socialism where it makes sense.

When we look at the world via a state down political lens we have to choose between capitalism and socialism. But If we ignore the state and go about business as it makes sense, we see a lot of co-operation and free sharing of the tools of production. You can get your tools from Github, or you can get them from Oracle.

It is the State that Corrupts both systems. The state is nearly always going to be a tool of the oligarchs that can afford to "educate" the state, because the State doesn't know how to do anything without being told by an expert. The regulated use the state to require businesses operate like they do, making it too expensive or illegal for start-ups to try to compete via different business model or method. Patents also corrupt freedom via state interference. The state corrupts socialism by using coercion to attempt to bring it about. The state seems to excel at making unintended consequences. Laissez faire brings about darwinistic progress.. That which works works, that which fails fails.

Politics isn't the answer- The free sharing of technology is. As we shift our focus away from politics and towards enjoying solving problems, the politics becomes a lot less important and a lot less dangerous.

The main issue we have now is that the public doesn't know about the insane exponential progress, and talking about it is dismissed as political rhetoric..