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Ivan Aulia Rahman
Ivan Aulia Rahman

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Fix Postman Desktop Stuck on Loading in Windows 10

NOTE: There is a simpler solution on comment section below by change settings on Postman GUI.

I've been using Postman for almost a full year to do API testing, then I came across this problem. When I turned on the laptop and opened Postman, the loading process never finished.

postman loading screen stuck

I immediately panicked because I had a need to work on a team project, where there was a need to share Postman tests, which resulted in everyone having to use postman as a tool to do API testing.

I feel weird because it's never been like this before, I think maybe because of internet problem. I tried changing the internet connection but the result is still the same. Then I tried restarting the laptop, but the result is still the same.

I tried to find various solutions on google. It turned out to be one of the common topics among Postman users. But in some discussions that I found not really discussing until it was able to solve the problem (and that made me even more panicked). Finally I found a way (sorry I forgot the source) and after I tried, it's worked.

The method is quite simple, namely by adding an environment variable with the name POSTMAN_DISABLE_GPU and giving it a value of false. After that restart postman, and it's done.

  1. Press start (windows) then search for Edit the system environment variables windows search environment variables
  2. Then click the Environment Variables... button on bottom.
  3. In the System variables section, click New....
  4. Fill the variable name column with POSTMAN_DISABLE_GPU, and the variable value column with false. windows add system environment variable
  5. Press OK on all windows.
  6. Restart your Postman desktop client.
  7. DONE.

After further investigation, it turns out that this problem can occur at any time unexpectedly. It's about GPU compatibility, but I'm not sure what the details are.

That's what I can share regarding my experience dealing with Postman stuck on the loading screen on Windows 10. Thank you for reading this article to the end. Help others who have the same problem by share this article.

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Arlemi • Edited on

Hey! You can also disable the hardware acceleration directly from the Help menu. (cf.

That said, this shouldn't be happening in the first place, if you or someone else faces that issue, please raise it as an issue on the Postman issue tracker here:

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Ivan Aulia Rahman Author

Thank you! Nice sharing dude. You provided another great reference. I didn't have time to explore Postman GUI when I encountered this problem.

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