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New and Amazing Features of Drupal 8

itsveronica profile image Veronica Singhal ・4 min read

Every version comes with some new and enhanced functionality, and the same is true in the case of Drupal 8. It is now able to cope up with modern PHP standards, object-oriented programming along with various fundamental factors of Symphony 2 framework. The integration of object-oriented programming helps in reusability of the code and maintainability that you won’t get with procedural programming. Because of Symphony 2, the Drupal 8’s backend really powerful which is a high-performance PHP framework that is capable of boosting page caching. The inclusion of technologies like CKEditor, jQuery, Twig, Guzzle, and Backbone.js makes Drupal8 a great platform to create heavy websites.

New & Amazing Features of Drupal 8

1.Improved Theming with Twig

Twig is the new theme engine added in Drupal 8. It’s a PHP-based fast, flexible, and secure. Twig makes it easy to create a website with Drupal by providing secure and blazing fast functionalities. Twig brings in the all-new approach to theming. With Twig it has become way easier for any non-PHP skilled user to manage theme in a Drupal website.

The best PHP development company in India has mentioned that Twig is a new revolution.

2.Multilingual Capability

Drupal 8 has been combined with several built-in languages ​​to serve everyone and save their time and effort. Basically, the symphony has an underlying element known as a translation that is responsible for all this. It manages the language files and thus, show the site content in multiple languages. With easy translation capability, you can quickly translate almost everything such as content, blocks, menus, taxonomy, user profiles, image styles, views, text formats, comments, feed and everything you want to display on your website. It allows full site translation

3.Responsive Design

In the seventh version of Drupal, the way to handle responsive design was slightly different from version 8. Drupal 8 uses breakpoint media queries that help make the site responsive with respect to screen size. All of Drupal8's built-in themes are responsive by default. It becomes easy to design a responsive website with Drupal 8.

4.Leverage the Power of HTML5

Drupal 8 has arrived with the best version of HTML that is loaded with new functionality. HTML5 has a simplified syntax that distributes clean code. And it further helps search engines to read it easily thus, improving the SEO ranking for your website. In Drupal 8 adding fields like information, email, contact information, etc. is quite easier than Drupal7. The cross-browser compatibility is in Drupal 8 because of HTML 5. HTML 5 has given new wings to Drupal 8.

5.Advanced Configuration Management

The configuration management solves a lot many problems in Drupal 8 which we had to face in Drupal 7. Now it stores the site’s configuration information in a very unique way. The development workflow of the configuration system makes use of tools such as Git and Drush. In fact, the available forms manage the configuration of the site provided by the administrative UI. And you can store information such as content, cache, state, and configuration and session as a simple configuration mode or configuration unit. Also, you can easily import and export the required features.

6.Simplified Authoring Experience

with the inclusion of Content Editor, WYSIWYG Editor, and the CKEditor in Drupal 8 it becomes easier to manage the content and workflow of your website. The most noteworthy improvement is the in-place editing. Indeed pretty helpful for the content editors. Well, the in-place editing means any content creator can edit the text of any page without having to switch to the full edit form. It is really simple to create drafts now

7.BigPipe Module

Drupal is often considered as one of the fastest CMSs present today. And the release of Drupal 8 in the year 2015, it has raised the level as it came with the integration of the BigPipe module. Initially, Facebook invented this BigPipe page loading method and since then it has become the most famous method for fastest page load. But in Drupal 8.3.0, it is used as a separate module for better user experience. However, it is an integral part of Drupal 8 and totally different from its previous versions where users had to enable it manually through the Drupal core.

8.Built-in Web Services

Web services are more important nowadays. In Drupal 7, we had to use third-party plugins for web services. Whereas, services have become an integral part of Drupal 8. It uses itself as a data source and shows content as JSON or XML. The frontend can be used to post the data. And The Hypertext Application Language (HAL) is implemented in Drupal 8 to ease web services as much as possible.

Is Drupal 8 fit for your business?

Drupal 8 is a remarkable rethinking of Drupal from the version we all have using so far. It may take some time for the newbies to learn and understand Drupal 8’s design and functionality. But once they know how to harness the power of Drupal 8 for their own profit, they won’t be able to stay away from it. Apparently, the adoption number so far back that up. Drupal 8 is a powerful CMS that provides you with every required functionality to manage your complex website. And the available Drupal modules can help you extend the functionality to whatever level you wish for. Even if you have a startup or you are an online entrepreneur and want to scale your business then you can contact Drupal development company who can develop an amazing website for you or if you are developing a your website yourself just make it great.

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