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Hello NFT World Virtual Hackathon

Join OpenSea and Replit for the Hello NFT World 🌐 virtual hackathon.

Registration is now open, sign up and get ready to BUIDL for your shot at $45K in prizes. 💰 Hack From your Home 🏡
Hello NFT World is exclusively online. So find your comfiest pair of sweatpants and start hacking.

This Hackathon is supported by DoraHacks, one of the leading Hackathon organizers! Partners include buildspace and Infura.

The Hackathon aims to encourage the advancement of web3, bringing together creators, artists, developers, and entrepreneurs to create innovative web3 NFT Projects.

Explore concepts like NFT DeFi, peer-to-peer renting of NFTs, innovating on what NFTs can do, or new types of NFT utility applications.

Each team is required to develop a web3 NFT project aligning to one of the four tracks:
🕹️Gaming and Metaverse
🚀Onboarding for All
🎨Most Creative
🐸Most Hilarious

📝Registration period: March 10, 2022 – April 7, 2022 Register Here
🏗️Hackathon kick-off: April 7, 2022 Join us on Twitch for the LIVE Kickoff on April 7th at 3 PM PST.
🚚Submission deadline: April 14th, 11:59 PM PST
⚖️Judging period: April 15, 2022 – April 18, 2022

🥳Winners Announced: April 19, 2022🏆

Tracks to #BUIDL💡
🕹️Gaming and Metaverse Hop on board, fam; we are about to save the world." The future of the metaverse is in your hands. Look at digital identity through different angles such as blockchain, NFTs, Lootboxes, art, design, data, or anything you could imagine as part of the virtual world.

🚀Onboarding for All Create an application or tool to improve the user experience of minting or owning NFTs. The best projects will put creators and users first in their designs and seek to solve friction points prevalent in the NFT ecosystem today.

🎨Most Creative Does creativity ooze from your ideas? If so, show off your talents by creating an imaginative NFT project or new application.

🐸Most Hilarious Knock, Knock. Who’s there? The funniest NFT is waiting to happen!” If you're a jokester or class clown, this prize is perfect for you. (seize the memes of production).

Where do I register 👉 Replit & OpenSea Hackathon page

I am flying solo/Looking to join a team. Find a team on the #hello-nft-world-find-a-team-channel Discord. Create a post telling us a bit about what you are interested in:
1. What skills do you have?
2. What do you want to learn?
Have an idea? Pitch it here so that people looking for teams and projects can tag you to connect!

New to web3? Blockchain & Ethereum onboarding. It is essential to know the fundamentals.👇

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