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Daily Driving Fedora - Day ONE

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of moving to Linux but there was always two factors that held me back:

  1. Gaming
  2. Adobe

Gaming on Linux was an absolute nightmare the last time i tried it a year ago but ever since the launch of steam deck a lot of light is being shined on the Linux gaming community, So hopefully my experience this time wont be as bad as the first.

I am planning to get over the adobe hurdle by running a windows virtual machine using vmware player.

The reason i didn't use KVM and qemu is that i use a laptop and have a [mux-less graphics architecture]{}

The reason i chose fedora over arch or debian is that arch is usually filled with bugs that would take me time to fix and debian's packages are quite out of date, also i wanted to test out gnome 42 when it comes out.


So, for the first day I just wanted to install fedora and also style the gnome desktop a bit.


The USB creation and installation went as smooth as i expected although the fedora anaconda installer is not as intuitive as something like calamaries.

First boot

After the installation, there was quite a bit of updates which i had to go through. Overall everything was smooth, I did have a slight audio problem after the update but it was easily fixed with a restart.


The next thing on the list was styling, this included installing a gtk theme , flatpak theme , icon theme , cursors , fonts and terminal prompt.

Theme ( GTK + Flatpak )

for the GTK theme i used a gtk4 backport, as i mentioned before i am very excited for the gnome 42 with gtk4 release therefore this seemed like a logical path to follow.

you can find the theme in [thid reddit post]{}

I also got it to install on flatpak with [stylepak]{}.

Image description

Icons + cursor

for the icons I used the [Whitesur icon theme]{} because i really like the macos icons with their 3D effects, overall it just looks kinda cool.

for the cursors i used the [macos cursor set]{} to match the icons

Image description

Terminal + Font

As my terminal emulator i use [Hyper]{}, a terminal emulator made in javascript. it is not the fastest out there but it is just my preference. I might move to something a bit faster later on. For my terminal prompt i use [starship]{}. I will be writing a detailed article on starship later.

In the fonts face i use jetbrains Mono for the terminal.
I am thinking of useing apple fonts for the interface as i am already useing mac icons and cursor.

Image description


Overall im happy with how my set up turned out. I did do a bit more tweaking with extentions and configs later, I will try to share these tweaks later on.

Image description

With that said hope you guys have a great day. Bye :)

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