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Why to use React.js?

Why React? 😱

React makes it easier to develop SPA's (single page application). It doesn't matter how many shortcoming is there in react, it's popular.
Not only react but there are hundreds of JavaScript framework out
there. Every week there is a new JavaScript framework out there with tons of different features.

Do you need to learn them all, to be a web developer? 👇

No, but you have to familiar with the approach of these framework to create SPA. How they're different from one another. And which will satisfies your app requirement, development workflow, infrastructure.

You can easily learn about these frameworks using ChatGPT.

But why react, ... it's popular. 😁

You should select any framework and master it, rather than wasting time on selecting a best framework.
Start Somewhere, Stop Procrastinating.

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highasthedn profile image

React was my first JS library (indeed, it's not a framework) I heavily used in projects after years of using PHP.
Since I'm coding React projects for more than 7 years now, I have enough experience to get well-paid advanced projects.
Maybe React is not the "best" choice when you choose over a suitable JS library, I even would say there is no best library or framework. It's mostly about personal preferences, your experience and also the customers choice.
My advice would be not only to focus on libraries or frameworks, understand how it works under the hood and learn to write good and clean JS code

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Kunal Agrawal

It's hard to differentiate, is react a framework or library, now days folks are using react with module bundlers, different plugins. ( Vite is the great choice for that ). And thanks for your advice. 🙂🙂

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Lotfi Jebali

Is it fair to say use React just to not use Angular ? 😁

jamaluddinrumi profile image
Jamaluddin Rumi

you should trying non VDOM libraries instead

because VDOM is pure overhead

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