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Kunal Agrawal
Kunal Agrawal

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Semantic Tags in HTML, Don't use Div's, Improve your front end.

As we all know, it's important to get your content on top, trending, accessible to all.
In web basically google crawls and index all web pages today, according to it. It can index web page content properly.
Like use of the following HTML tags.

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This tags help to understand web pages content better.
Not only this improve SEO, but also helps interacting with blind people, if they are using accessibility tools.

Now u are ready to use these tags and get rid of div tag.
for more semantic tags. check this out at MDN Web Docs

Please feel free to comment queries, suggestions.
Have a great day, or make it great. 😃

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Kyle Martin

You have to use div at one point or another. But yes, using elements like nav, header, main, aside, summary, and footer as main containers is a good practice.

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